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Invest Buffalo City Series 

Your voice as an ambassador of the business community and of our city counts.

Invest Buffalo City is showcasing successfully operating businesses in Buffalo City via short video clips.

Our aim is to jointly create a positive image of Buffalo City for doing business in the city.  

The short video clip will feature your business operation. It gives you as the business owner / manager an opportunity to share with a wide audience your main line of business, your main target market and what the advantages of doing business in and from Buffalo City are.

We would also like to ask you for a word of encouragement for doing business and investing in Buffalo City.

Fab Media Solutions, member of the Border Kei Chamber of Business, has given us a very fair price proposal which enables you to sponsor a good quality video at a competitive prize.

The short clips will be shared on the Invest Buffalo City website and via our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin).  We also encourage you to add your video clip to your company's website and distribute it via your own social media accounts.  

Click on the videos to your left to see who has participated so far:

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Own Haven
Southern Sun Hemingways
Global Business Solutions
Second Office
ShowMe East London
Abantu Staffing Solutions
Border Kei Chamber of Business
Kempston Group

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