The Eastern Cape has vast untapped potential for agro-processing activities. The province is suitable for a wide variety of agricultural processes due to its temperate climate and year-round rainfall.

The Eastern Cape is South Africa’s main livestock province and provides 30% of SA’s wool and 80% of SA mohair. Dairy farming provides 20% of SA production of milk.

The province has the only significant allocation of land suitable for plantations still available in South Africa, approximately
120 000ha. Sawmill activities account for 23% of SA’s forestry and logging production. The extensive billion rand investment by the Steinhoff furniture group in the Eastern Cape timber industry is further proof of the opportunities available within this sector.

The area also lends itself to excellent results with multispan greenhouse production and is currently a leader in hydroponic tomato production. South Africa has an extensive natural endowment and offers tremendous opportunities to process natural plants for cosmoceutical, nutraceutical, phytopharmaceutical and essential oil purposes.

The ELIDZ is also making meaningful strides in the agro-processing sector. There are already two enterprises that are operational in the zone in this sector and in the last 12 months the organisation finalised the Agro-Industrial Park (AIP) feasibility study. The AIP will see the clustering of various agri-business role-players, including manufacturers, processors, logistic companies and other complimentary service providers in an eco-friendly manner within the same precinct.

Locational advantages 

  • Close proximity to extensive forestry activities
  • Close proximity to mohair producing areas
  • Abundant availability of raw material supplies

Investment opportunities 

  • Dairy production
  • Red pepper
  • Wheat
  • Beef
  • Chicory
  • Essential oils
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Pineapple

Buffalo City based businesses

Take a look at locally based businesses in the agri-business / food and beverage sector:

Agricultural Organisations in South Africa:

Support programme

The Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) with the support of Kyle Business Projects is currently setting up a comprehensive cluster for agro-industrial manufacturing businesses. The cluster will include various programmes to address common challenges facing participants in the sector, to enable improved productivity, competitiveness, and ultimately more business, more employment, and improved economics.

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