Integrated Development Plan

The Integrated Development Plan, commonly known as the IDP, is a strategic development plan for the entire municipality, setting strategic and budget priorities.
The 5 Year Plan aligns the resources and the capacity of a municipality to its overall development aims, and guides the municipality’s budget. The 5 Year Plan is in line with similar development plans at provincial and national level, and is agreed upon between local government and residents during public participation processes. The IDP is annually reviewed. It is a plan for the entire municipality and not just for specific areas.

Through the 5 Year Plan, a municipality can:
• Develop a clear vision
• Identify its key development priorities
• Formulate appropriate strategies
• Develop the appropriate organisational structure and systems
• Align resources with development priorities

Integrated Development Planning enables a municipality to make the best use of scarce resources and speed up delivery. It also enables councillors to make decisions based on the needs and priorities of their communities.

Click on the final Integrated Development Plan 2016-2021 as adopted by Council. 

For a quick overview, take a look at the IDP 2016-2021 summary

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