Growth and Development Strategy

The Buffalo City Metro Municipality is currently drafting an economic vision for the growth and development of the City. The Metro Growth and Development Strategy 2030 will serve as a primary plan for the growth and development of the City; mobilise all its partners towards a determined development programme; encourage business and stakeholders to invest to support the vision; and commit the partners and stakeholders to a common direction. The 2030 Metro Growth and Development Strategy is the equivalent at the City level of the National and Provincial Plans.

The MGDS 2030 Vision:

"Buffalo City: well-governed, connected, green and innovative."

The city is a successful, prosperous and dynamic modern city: innovative, green, connected, spatially-integrated and well-governed.

By 2030 the people of Buffalo City wish to have achieved five strategic outcomes for the city:

1. An innovative and productive city: with rapid and inclusive economic growth, and falling unemployment.

2. A green city: environmentally sustainable with optimal benefits from our natural assets. A clean and healthy city for subtropical gardens.

3. A connected city: high quality (and competitively priced) connections to ICT, electricity and transport networks (inside the city and to the outside world).

4. A spatially-transformed city: the spatial divisions and fragmentation of the apartheid past are progressively overcome and township economies have become more productive and inclusive. 

5. A well-governed city: a s mart and responsive municipality (working with other levels of government) that plans and efficiently delivers high quality services and cost effective infrastructure, without maladministration and political disruptions. 

Download here the full version of Buffalo City's Metro Growth and Development strategy.

Bcmm Built Environment Plan 2019-2020

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