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Relocating to a new city can be full of challenges. You have to deal with finding a new home, school for your children, getting connected and organized. Invest Buffalo City is committed to helping you from day one to navigate through this. As a preferred partner, Invest Buffalo City can offer you assistance to various locally based companies. This can make your transition to Buffalo City as smooth as possible.

Finding a new home

The greater Buffalo City area encompasses three main towns: East London, Bisho and King Williams Town. Choosing a location for your new business will depend entirely upon what business you are in and whether you may need special manufacturing incentives. The city offers a wide variety of residential areas that will suit even the most discerning needs, from beach front properties to uptown apartments at rental rates that are extremely competitive against all major currencies.

From junior staff to CEOs, Invest Buffalo City’s home finding services will allow you to quickly and confidently find a new home in the City.
Our access to a wide network of property and rental specialists will take care of all aspects of the home finding process.
Our network will support you and your family with adjusting to the new environment, contributing to a successful assignment.

Our services include:

  • Provide general information on Buffalo City’s rental market
  • Identify and research suitable residential areas and prospects based on requirements
  • Make appointments and assist with viewings
  • Negotiation of lease, explanation of terms, property take-over, inventory, coordination of utilities, etc.
  • Familiarization with the neighborhood and other practical information

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School Assistance

When it comes to education there are many fine schools in Buffalo City that are teaching the brightest minds of the next generation. Parents can choose from one of the city’s reputable public schools or have their children educated at a well-established private School. Below you will find a list of some of the best public and private schools Buffalo City has to offer:

Public Schools

Private schools


People living in Buffalo City have multiple options in regards to transportation. Local citizens can call one of the many taxi companies that are found here, you can takes busses that are in transit every day during the week and you can take a train if you are planning to travel a far distance. There are certain busses that have extra space for people who are in wheelchairs.


The provision of health related services is excellent in Buffalo City and state-of-the-art. Buffalo City has a variety of private hospitals as well as good public hospital facilities across the city

Private Hospitals

Public Hospitals

  • Frere Hospital
  • Cecilia Makiwane Hospital


The recently released crime statistics by the South African Police Service reveal a general decline in reported crime in the Buffalo City area. The city has several police stations: East London, Beacon Bay, Cambridge, Mdantsane, King William’s Town and Zwelitsha.

For more details on the current crime statistics, take a look on the recently released crime situation in South Africa.

View here: Crime Situated in South Africa, September 2015

Buffalo City also offers a variety of private security providers for residential and non-residential premises. Contact us for more information.


Buffalo City has a tremendous amount of natural beauty. The total size of the municipality is 252 767.2ha and 73% of the area is still natural. There are fourteen protected land-based areas where the natural beauty will never be compromised. Buffalo City also has 4 main ecosystems with the largest being Albany Thicket followed by; forests, grasslands, and Savannahs. Also, Buffalo City has the privilege of having 2064 wetlands and 20 different marine ecosystems.

Water Quality

The water in Buffalo City is very much drinkable and is among the cleanest found across the Eastern Cape. Buffalo City has received a Blue Drop Certification score in 2012. To obtain this award a municipality/town has to receive a score of 95% to 99% on a score card with 5 different tests on a scorecard. (Source: 2012 Blue Drop Report)


Buffalo City has a very moderate climate. It is usually sunny and very pleasant to be outside. The winters are generally mild and the average temperature rarely falls below 20 degrees Celsius. Seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere. Summer is from December to February, autumn is from March to May, winter is from June to August and spring lasts from September to November.

Relocation services

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