Report on the potential for Cannabis processing in the EC

03 September 2018

This report was compiled by Ed Richardson of Agro-Industrial Manufacturing (AIM ) Eastern Cape from presentations at a forum discussion on Cannabis processing opportunities in the Eastern Cape that was held at the Border Kei Chamber of Business on August 7, 2018.

There is huge potential for job creation and economic diversification through the growing and processing of cannabis. AIM will take the lead to facilitate interaction between government, private sector and the community.

Please will you also help in identifying challenges or opportunities for the following sectors:

  • Meat processors
  • Fruit and vegetable processors 
  • Fibre (Wool and mohair)
  • Milling – wheat and maize, stock feed, chicken feed, fish food, etc 
  • Dairy
  • Furniture /wooden products 
  • Additional cluster 

See the report here

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