Call2Action to Build Four Mini Buy-Back Centres

21 July 2020

Buy Back Centre East London

Call2Action in partnership with Border Kei Chamber of Business and Buffalo City Municipality Development Agency seek to install four mini buy centres within East London.

The Mini Buy Back Centres will be built in Settlers Way, Quigney, Southernwood and Oxford Street in a bid to instill a culture of recycling, greening and cleanliness in BCMM by installing the required infrastructure for the general public to access.

Historically, the Call-2-Action specialised in grass cutting and litter picking with all recyclables being removed from the general waste stream. The highest waste volumes collected for recycling were over 60 000 Kg during June 2017 with over a 1000 tons being collected to date. 

Over and above the mini buy back centres, 110 recycling bins will be installed along the Esplanade and Oxford Street which will be serviced by the Bicycle Brigade, four rugged bicycles and trailers which will service the recycling bins. Recyclables collected will then be sorted at the mini buy back centres in those areas. 

These interventions are thanks to the funding received from the not for profit industry body, Polyco, which was established in 2011 to reduce the amount of polyolefin waste going to landfill. "In Buffalo City, there are over 800 tons of polyolefins going directly to landfill every month, which is such a tragedy as these could be recycled", said Drayton Brown, Project Manager of Call-2-Action. 

The public was expected various activities within the identified precincts in March 2020 but due to the ravaging deeds of COVID-19 which has grinded various activities to a halt, this project has been pushed back for the time being. 

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