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14 September 2020
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Border Kei Chamber of Business Business Hi-Lite magazine which focuses on matters that are happening on the Border Kei region is on the verge of releasing of their third edition for this year. Les Holbrook, Executive Director of BKCOB in every edition outlines what has happened to businesses within the Border Region. In addition, Mr Holbrook also discusses the developments and happenings within the Chamber. In this upcoming edition, Holbrook will discuss the effects of COVID-19 and how it has affected businesses negatively moving forward. This upcoming edition will feature articles that will show how the Chamber in partnership with other businesses assisted people who were severely affected by COVID-19. 

Whilst you are waiting with bated breath for the upcoming edition, in the meantime, kindly familiarize yourself with previous editions of the Business Hi-Lite. Please find the link below of the Business Hi-lite magazine list:

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